ferroalloys, silicon carbide, carburizers, graphite, ferroalloy briquettes, silicon carbide, carburizing, graphite pellets,
foundry coke, anthracite, coal, sand

For the foundry and steel industry

About Us

Our long-term presence on the market, as well as constant contact with entrepreneurship in the metallurgical industry, allow us to present, both to our existing and future customers, an offer containing all the necessary raw materials, materials and tools used in production processes in foundry, metallurgy and in the refractory industry.

As a leading supplier in the industry, and for your convenience, we distribute ordered products from logistics centers and warehouses throughout Poland or deliver them directly to our customers.
Therefore, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of products and services offered.

Our products

All offered raw materials comply with Polish and European standards, which guarantees you only the highest quality deliveries.


We are also innovative and we care about our reputation as an innovative company acting in the interest of the foundry industry by proposing to reduce the costs of preparing foundry molds by using 3D printing for this purpose. Another innovation we offer aimed at reducing production costs in foundries is services in the field of repairing castings by means of laser welding.

Environmental Protection

We also have activities in the field of environmental protection. By selling to our current customers and encouraging future customers to buy briquettes (briquetted waste materials), we contribute to the management of waste generated in connection with the production of ferroalloys as well as silicon carbide, graphite and carburizing sludges.

Logistics services and transport

Our newest specialty is services in logistics and transport, especially in sea freight. By cooperating with WAT Venture, you can expect quick and safe distribution of our and your products not only in Poland, but also in Europe.


Thanks to experience in logistics, finance, marketing and focus on quality, we offer world-class service along with the products we deliver.

We specialize in ferroalloys, silicon carbide, carburizers, graphite, briquettes (made of ferroalloys, silicon carbide, carburizing), graphite pellets, foundry coke, anthracite, coal, sand for the foundry and metallurgical industries as well as silicon carbide and aluminum oxide for the materials industry refractories and abrasive products.

Abrasive tools

We support the foundry, metallurgical, shipbuilding, metal and construction industries by providing a wide range of the best quality abrasive tools.

We will adjust the quality and specificity of these tools to your requirements. Abrasive tools and foundry production are the processes of cleaning castings. Here we offer the performers of this hard and responsible work the best grinding tools.

Foundry and metallurgical industry

Foundry and metallurgical industry

Removal of large amounts of unnecessary material, right down to sanding in a small area. Efficient tools to optimize cutting-off processes to reduce machining times.



High-quality grinding tools and an optimal grinding process are crucial for the functionality of ground surfaces in the shipbuilding industry.

Construction and metal industry

Construction and metal industry

We provide professional abrasive tools for precise and rough grinding and cutting of steel and cast iron.

If you have any questions regarding the chemical composition or properties of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

~ Waldemar Turski, Managing director

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