Fe Briquettes

We offer Fe briquettes as a substitute for steel scrap produced from 100% environmentally safe waste material at an attractive price.

The chemical coThe chemical composition of the briquettes is as follows and stable:

Fe55–65 %
Std0,03 %
Vda0,20 %
N0,01 %
H0,01 %
A0,20 %
Wtr0,20 %
Fe Briquettes

Size: 70×70 mm

Benefits of using Fe briquettes:

  1. Si for free, Ca for free, and C for free,
  2. Fe briquettes are magnetic and can be loaded with scrap metal,
  3. the shape of Fe briquettes facilitates their best arrangement in the furnace,
  4. attractive price.

Most foundries using Fe briquettes use them at 20 / 30% of steel scrap.


In big bags and in bulk, minimum 24t or multiples of 24t (trial deliveries in smaller quantities and big bags possible).

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