High Carbon Silicon Si 65% (HCSI65)

High Carbon Silicon (HCSI 65) is a composition of 65% silicon and 18% carbon.

It is a high-carbon silicon alloy commonly used in a variety of industrial applications where properties such as strength, hardness and wear resistance are important.

However, mainly high-carbon silicon alloys are used in the steel industry (oxide reduction) and foundry industries to improve specific properties of the final product. The presence of carbon can significantly affect the properties of the alloy, making it suitable for specific applications such as increasing strength or wear resistance.

Si68.71 %
C13.50 %
Ca5.29 %
Fe2.21 %
Cr0.413 %
S0.0732 %
  • Size: 50-150mm
  • Package: big bag
High Carbon Silicon Si 65%
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