C briquettes for arc furnaces

Carburiser briquetting for arc furnaces provides these benefits:

  1. One very important one from the point of view of our life on Earth by managing waste materials including graphite in their composition such as small fractions from crushing processes,
  2. Rectangular-shaped briquetted graphite usually contains 80% C or 60% C and 20% SiC and is loaded into the furnace manually, allowing precise dosing of the carburiser, since the number of briquettes put into the furnace translates exactly into the amount of C dosed. Adequate briquette strength prevents the briquettes from crumbling in contact with scrap metal when loaded into the furnace,
  3. Briquetted waste materials have a beneficial influence on the economics of arc furnace melting processes due to their significantly lower price as compared to the same raw materials of the first grade.
C briquettes for arc furnaces


Brykiety C dostarczaWe supply C briquettes to customers in palletised form– 1 tonne of briquettes per pallet.

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